Chairlift Safety at The Summit and Alpental

Kids Chairlift SafetyChairlift Safety Guidelines

Safety on the chair starts with three basic rules:

  1. Sit still, hold on!

  2. Back to back, bottom to bottom.

  3. Packs in laps.

Parents - please share these important notes for your kids:

  • Be ready!

    • Watch others get on the chairlift, ask for help if you need it, and when it's your turn - Move quick!

    • Chairlift operators are happy to assist, don't be shy, ask for help.

  • Get on!

    • Remember "back to back, bottom to bottom" and get as far in to the seat as quickly as possible.

    • Don't rush to make a chair, it's ok to miss a chair if you just aren't ready.

    • If you drop gear, don't worry, leave it and the lift operators will send it up behind you.

  • Sit still, hold on!

    • This means no horseplay on the chairlift!