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Central Park

"The" Place to Shred in the NW


Central Park is our flagship park featuring over 30 acres of terrain open seven days and six nights a week. It also holds the states largest jib fleet and is home to some of the region's best rippers.

Current Features

Upper Park

  • Down Donkey
  • Chain link rail to bank
  • mini QP
  • Large Jump
  • 2 C rails 

Lower Park

  • 2 Jumps in Medium Line
  • 2 intermediate jumps
  • 1 small jump
  • 2 hips
  • Trapazoid wall w/ creeper
  • Poly
  • Flat - Down rail
  • Down Donkey
  • Spy Rail (down)
  • Down bar
  • Flat Box
  • Trapazoid box
  • Up Flat down box

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Greenhorn Acres

Totally Sweet Mini Terrain Park


In Greenhorn Acres there are a variety of small and small-medium features every season to get you started right. Greenhorn Acres is the ideal place to get new tricks down pat before hitting the bigger features found in Central Park! Everyone is welcome!

Current Features
  • 2 small jumps
  • Snake run
  • various small boxes
  • hitching post