The Alpental Spring Park got a nice update for closing weekend. You wanted more air time, so we built it! Check it out...

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Alpental Park

"The" Place for Spring Shred in Washington


The Alpental Spring Park is here to keep the shred alive deep into the spring shredding season. With features ranging from small to medium, a weekly update, and a rad stunt ditch, the #AlpyPark has ya covered!

Current Features
  • Stunt Ditch
  • Hip
  • 4 bank turns lower
  • 2 bank turns upper
  • Quarter Pipe
  • Medium BMX table top jump
  • Medium/large step over
  • Volcano
  • small triple pack of jumps
  • flat rail

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Greenhorn Acres

Totally Sweet Mini Terrain Park


In Greenhorn Acres there are a variety of small and small-medium features every season to get you started right. Greenhorn Acres is the ideal place to get new tricks down pat before hitting the bigger features found in Central Park! Everyone is welcome!

Current Features
Closed for the season